Inspire ICSA would like to acknowledge the work and talents of the following committed members of the ICSA team without whom this project would not have been possible.

If you would like to be included in the project please contact the ICSA Manager, Michelle Simmons on 8359 24 14 or at

Website Creation:

Beau Hughes (Team Leader)

Andrew Gregory

Data Input:

Amber White

Dan Footner

Peter Downs

Scott Hillier

Zac Goode

Design Concepts:

Dan Footner

Elyas Alavi

James Simon

Jazmin Looseley

Jonathan Wenberg


Interview Team:

Dan Footner (photographer/videographer)

Elyas Alavi

Ryan Skippon


Amber White

Angie Holt

Brett Jones

Daniel Verrusio

Davied Kynaston

Heidi Long

Henry Pomeroy-Fagg

Jade Turczynowicz

John Parr

Kieran Cairney

Kye Seyhan

Loreine Woodcock

Mark Semmler

Nick Vlachos

Peter Alderidge

Sandor Tugyi

Sharon Bath

Sione Tenmohenga

Talisha Warren

Thomas Steele

Tristan Murry

Zac Goode